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Roughed up at the Spike (CV-1032)
When the Spike Bar manager Don Russo, gets a delivery he gets it in the front and the rear. Yes a first for Don Russo in a Close-up video. He gets fucked not onece, but twice in this cum filled video. HARD DICKS, COCK SUCKING, FUCKING , RIMMING, those are not billiards on the pool table as three horny studs do all this to a banging climax.

When the delivery boy Danny Sommers inters the picture, he triggers a dream from Don in which Danny, dressed in leather, strips and jacks off.

The last half of the video is a sensual romp in the Spike bathroom, Dallas Taylor checks out the men coming into pee. He gets involved with manager Don and soom Hank Towers the tought guy comes in and tries to take Don's boy away from him. Agter some raunchy sex, the tough hauls Don out of the bathroom and fucks his ass while Don sucks off his boy Dallas who is lying on the pinball machine.

The fantasy continues when Don is tied to a cross gagged and gets his ass whipped by the tough Hank. HARD DRIVING ACTION TO GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING - THIS TAPE IS RECOMMENDED FOR ALL.

- 69 minutes

Donnie Russo,  Pierce Daniels,  Nick Manetti,  Danny Sommers,  Hank Towers,  Dallas Taylor,